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GAINSWave® Therapy

Safe, non-invasive, effective, natural ED treatments

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Optimizing & Restoring Male Sexual Performance

GAINSWave® is a revolutionary procedure that uses low-intensity sound waves (or acoustical shock wave therapy) to improve sexual function in men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease, or simply a desire for firmer erections and preventive maintenance.

GAINSWave is an effective option because it addresses the root cause of many penile issues – poor blood flow. Over 80% of ED issues are caused by poor blood flow. The GAINSWave procedures break up plaque formation in blood vessels enabling increased blood flow to the penis. GAINSWave is based on a series of over 30 clinical studies showing a greater than 75% success rate in treating ED.

This new ED treatment also stimulates growth of new nerve tissue and blood vessels in the penis. This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the penis. Because GAINSWave uses low-intensity sound waves and is non-invasive, it is often referred to as Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT). By increasing blood flow to the penis, men will have stronger, harder and more sustainable erections.

Unlike commonly prescribed oral ED medications (Viagra, Xiallis), GAINSWave has relatively no side-effects which allows for men with pre-existing medical conditions (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure) to safely receive the ED wave treatments. While a high percentage of patient’s men experience positive results shortly after treatment, individual results vary based on age and medical conditions.

Tucson WAVE MED offers a holistic approach to ED Therapy. Our most popular packages include GAINSWave treatments, the Eclipse PRP Male Shot, AFFIRM Nitrous Oxide Boosters, and a Dr. Joel Kaplan Penis Pump. Now, new clients can take advantage of our Introductory Special which includes 1 GAINSWave treatment and a PRP Male Shot for just $750. Naturopathic Sexual Vitality Consultations are also available and encouraged! Contact Dr. Gregory for a complimentary consultation today! (520) 488-4137

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Sexual health and wellness is unchartered territory for most. Please feel free to call or email Dr. Gregory to start the conversation about the different options available. The first step is to find out what is going on with you as well as your goals. At that point, a treatment package will be recommended.

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Talking about sexual function can be a very sensitive subject. Tucson WAVE MED is a small practice set up to be private and discreet. You will have an opportunity to speak with Dr. Gregory before scheduling your appointment. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable discussing this delicate topic.

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Margot Gregory, NMD is a certified provider of GAINSWave® and FemiWAVE®, as well as PRP Shots for men and women alike.

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