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Click here to visit the official GAINSWave site and learn more about the treatment and how it works.

Click here to visit the official FemiWave site and learn more about the treatment and how it works.

Helping to Optimize Your Sexual Performance

Tucson WAVE MED offers treatments that help both men and women improve sexual health and wellness.

The GAINSWave treatment is designed to improve sexual function in men, especially in those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

FemiWAVE helps women to optimize lubrication and intercourse.

Preventive and maintenance packages are also available.

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Sexual health and wellness is unchartered territory for most. Please feel free to call or email Dr. Gregory to start the conversation about the different options available. The first step is to find out what is going on with you as well as your goals. At that point, a treatment package will be recommended.

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Talking about sexual function can be a very sensitive subject. Tucson WAVE MED is a small practice that has been set up to be as private and discreet as possible. You will have an opportunity to talk with Dr. Gregory before scheduling your appointment. Her goal is to help you be comfortable with discussing a topic that you may never have discussed.

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Treatment Options

Tucson WAVE MED is a certified provider of the innovative GAINSWave and FemiWAVE therapy as well as PRP Male and Female Shots.

GAINSWave | FemiWAVE | PRP Male Shot | PRP Female Shot | Naturopathic Sexual Vitality Consultation

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